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Welcome to epis - exclusive product's internet server

The basic idea of epis is to combine member websites of high quality offers in Thailand into one internet portal to

 1. improve the traffic for member pages
 2. improve the performance of the member page (loading speed)
 3. focus your page on your product instead of the web design
 4. sell selected products directly online
 5. provide advertisement space for high quality traffic
 6. build and maintain a weekly newsletter

ad 1: Every businessman knows: A shopping mall with many shops is more successful than a single shop in an area without competition.

epis is like an internet shopping mall. The users come to epis in search for one of the members websites and end up surfing and buying on many other member offers as well. Internet pages of small businesses have the disadvantage of to little traffic. The few users come to the page only one time and have no reason to return. With a huge variety of high quality products on epis the users will come back many times, seeing your offer again and again.

ad 2: Integrating your website in epis will improve the loading speed of your site dramatically. We will take care that the performance of your page is highly optimized.

ad 3: Many websites focus on design features and graphical gimmicks instead of the product to sell. Our team will focus your website that the user gets information about your product, your company, your employees and doesn't remember your designers abilities and gadgetry but your product and the qualities of your company.

ad 4: epis will have a page wide shop where all products of interested partners can be sold or reserved directly, with one shopping cart and one point of sale only. We will unify the members of epis to handle orders, customers and shipping together. We will cooperate with already established services for encashment and delivery. We offer 24 hours round-the-clock user support with immediate reaction to members, users and customers.

ad 5: As soon as epis has enough traffic, we will offer advertisement space with high quality traffic, first for our members only, later for associates, guests and affiliates.

ad 6: E-mail newsletters are the top choice to communicate regular with your customers and make sure they don't forget you and your product.


epis has guests, associates and members.

 Guests are selected businesses for guide entries.

Their websites will run in the epis frame only when searched by epis users. Guests receive user attention only from the editorial guide entry.

 Associates still run their websites on their own server but show it in the epis frame.

Associates receive user attention from editorial news content and forum entries. They can participate in the weekly mailing list.

 Members run their website directly on epis.

They have the full advantage of the CMS, the high speed server and the complete integration into all modules of epis.

Members have the full attention of the epis user and the traffic will be directed indirectly but certainly to their webproduct.

Their customers are in the weekly mailing list.

Time frame:

1st month:

 Starting up epis will focus on high class restaurants, hotels and resorts, food and drink suppliers. To start the business we need about 3 business partners to join epis as a full member. We will then set up a dedicated server, move the 3 or more websites to the new server, focus and redesign these member pages and build the epis framework.

 epis will improve the search engine rating by accumulating content on one domain.

 epis will set up a guide for high class restaurants, hotels, suppliers etc. and accumulate content to attract users and search engines.

2nd month:

 3-6 new members should be joining every month.

 epis will have guest books for all member pages, all products on the member pages and all guide entries to accumulate customer interests and further content.

3rd month:

 epis will set up a shopping module and point of sale.

 We will set up a forum for discussions as soon as epis has enough traffic.

Our goal: After 6 months epis should have a minimum of 10 full members, 15 - 20 associates and at least 150 to 200 guide entries with about 1,000,000 page impressions per month.


 Guest entries in the guide are free of charge and can be compared to an editorial entry in an address book or a magazine. The guide will not only attract search engines and users but also future associates and members.

 Associates pay
3,500 Baht starter fee for the name server redirect
1,000 Baht monthly server fee.

 Members pay
10,000 Baht starter fee for the transfer of their website to the epis server.
1,000 Baht monthly server fee.

If necessary, not usable code e.g. from ASP (windows) to PHP, MS SQL Server or Access to MySQL etc. will be rewritten by the epis team. Precise cost evaluation can only be done after checking your system code.

If desired, your page will be redesigned and reprogrammed by the epis team. The cost depends highly on the customer wishes and requirements.

For rewriting and redesign the epis team charges in the beginning 2,900 Baht per hour for designer, programmer and system administrator. After three months this price will rise to the normal market prices of 3,500 to 5,000 Baht depending on the persons qualification.

All prices are subject to 15% service charge.

Name space:

You can use your old domain name like and only redirect it to epis.

Better for the development of your internet recognition is to run and advertise a subdomain on epis:

 You will also have the E-mail address

This way your internet appearance is monolithic, all of a piece and optimized for search engine hits. Sinze the epis name space is fresh, you have the free choice of any name and don't need to compromize on your domain name.

 Spelling bee: If you choose an epis name, the name space around this name will also be automatically reserved for you. For example you choose "yourname": Our spelling bee will also find: your-name, yournames, your_name, your_names and many more and also direct the user to your product to prevent loss of customers because of spelling mistakes.

Technical requirement

epis runs on Apache/Unix. It uses a content management system (CMS) for editorial modules, forum, customer login, mailing list, the shop and point of sale. Programming languages are PHP, javascript with Ajax and Smarty, html with css. Database: MySQL.

Unicode makes (nearly) every language possible on epis including
 Thai ไทย
 Chinese 中國話
 Japanese 日本語
 Korean 한국어

Your advantage: To share the traffic on epis with many other offers will improve the traffic on your website dramatically. The branding, internet recognition and direct sales will go up and should redeem your epis investment after a short time of 6 to 12 months.

With your endorsement in epis you hire competent internet programmers, designers and system administrators with 15 years of internet and entrepreneur experience to take care of your internet appearance.